Content Usage Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in sharing our content. We appreciate your enthusiasm for our content and encourage sharing of it to help more people find helpful, informative content from SEO Sista. All we ask is for you to follow a few simple ground rules when sharing or republishing portions of our content.

Want to share SEO Sista content? You are welcome to share and republish this content under the following terms and conditions:

  • Sharing is caring, and we love when others share links to our content! You may link to any of our content on any website, by email, or social media channel.
  • You’re welcome to reference or quote up to 100 words of any of our text content in your own content, as long as you respect the content attribution policy outlined below.
  • Feel free to republish any SEO Sista original images, infographics and visual content by copying or embedding them and including them in your content, as long as you honor the content attribution policy below and image quality is upheld.
  • Please do not copy or republish in full any of our text based content without prior approval. This includes full or partial duplication, modification, and spinning of our content for republish.
  • Do not claim this content as your original ideas by using this content and publish as your own on your platform.


Content Attribution Policy:

  • Identify Britt Bischoff as the author of any excerpts or quotes from
  • Cite SEO Sista as the source for any borrowed content
  • A link back to the original article or to the homepage is required for any quote longer than 140 characters.
  • Link to the full original SEO Sista source for reference
    • For articles, text, data, quotes, concepts, reference the full permalink on
    • For references to downloadable content, and any other form of content, link to the landing page URL with the form for that individual offer
    • For images and visual content, link cite the original page the image was published on, and uphold image quality when republishing visual content.
  • Any republished post must include a byline for the original author (Britt Bischoff unless otherwise indicated.) The byline should also appear before the body of the post. A URL pointing back to must accompany the republished post.


Thanks for following these guidelines and for the content love!