How to download music from VK

Vkontakte has been uniting music lovers for many years now - it's no secret that this social network has the largest number of music tracks, including those that are difficult to find in the public domain. The only drawback is that officially VK only allows you to listen to your favorite tracks without the possibility of downloading them. This is done so that music lovers must buy a paid subscription to listen to music. Fortunately, you don't have to pay to enjoy your favorite tracks from Vkontakte. In the article, we will discuss simple and easy to implement ways to download music from a social network and tell you how to do this with or without special utilities.

Free internet services

On the Internet there are many services that allow you to download audio recordings from Vkontakte for free. We have prepared a list of the most convenient and popular services.

The is perhaps the easiest way to download music from Vkontakte. Using the site, you can download audio recordings to your computer, smartphone or tablet.

The interface of the site is very friendly: on the main page of the site, a green button "Enter and download music" is highlighted. The button is accompanied by an invitation to log in through Vkontakte to continue. has the following advantages:

· Free download - no SMS and paid passwords;

· You do not have to install an app on your device – the entire process of saving your audio is done on the site itself;

· Secure - no password is required;

· Speed - the site works at the same speed as Vkontakte;

· An intuitive and familiar interface - the same design as Vkontakte is used.

All that is needed to download music through is to log in through Vkontakte. After identification, you will have access to your audio recordings, as well as being able to search for music.

Music 7s

Music 7s allows Vkontakte users to save their favorite tracks to their smartphone and listen to them even in the absence of the Internet. The service has the following advantages:

· Music is saved on any device and operating system;

· No program download is required - the service works online;

· You can download your friends' playlists if they are publicly available.

Music 7s has a friendly interface that prompts the user to log in via VK to get access to the list of songs. After authorization, a list with music will be available to you and a menu with other sections of the site will appear. It is worth noting that you can download several audio recordings at the same time through Music 7s. is another excellent way to save music from VK. The service has only one button "Run" - the user must click on it to gain access to available tracks. To access your playlist, you must press the button again. works without installing programs, additional plugins or applications.

Unfortunately, the site has been offline since 2019, so we recommend using other methods from our selection.


VK-Save – this is, unfortunately, another service that was suspended in November 2019. Nevertheless, the site was very convenient - after authorization, two tabs opened: "My Music" and "Popular". To find the desired track, you had to click on the "My Music" tab, allow access to your audio recordings to all users in the privacy settings, copy the link to your page and paste it into the VK-Save field. It was a good service, and we sincerely hope that it will be resumed at some point, allowing users to download free music once again. is a fast way to download tracks from Vkontakte to your phone or computer. To download music, you need to log in through VK. is a good choice, because:

· The service is absolutely free;

· It does not require registration, SMS confirmation or intrusive subscriptions;

· There is no need to install a program - you can download music online;

· There are no viruses;

· Downloading is complete within a few seconds;

· You can save music to any device.

Immediately after authorization, the user will have access to a list of audio recordings. They can be downloaded only in mp3 format.

Note! uses APIs to ensure the safety of its users' data.

Tracks are downloaded in one click, and there are no speed limits.

Music i wiki

This convenient service ceased to exist back in 2017, and was replaced by the much more functional Savefrom, which we will discuss below.


Savefrom makes it possible to download from Vkontakte not only music, but also photos and even videos. The site works well with browsers like Chrome, Firefox and others.

To download music from VK using this service, just hover your mouse cursor over the name of the song. A blue arrow pointing down will immediately appear, with a download icon. Just click on the arrow to save the track to your computer.

If you hold the cursor for a few moments on the "Download" button, information about the size of the music file and its bitrate will appear.

Savefrom allows you to download the entire playlist - for this you need to click on the Download Playlist button.

DMV - Download Music Vkontakte

This service moved to a different domain and acquired a new address - Now DMV has far more advanced functionality, with many different filters.

DMV is a simple and safe browser extension with which you can download tracks from Vkontakte. The service has a pleasant and intuitive interface, and an advanced search with no advertising at all. With DMV, you can listen to and download the highest quality audio recordings.

On the official website, you can see a green button "Install for free" - after clicking on this, the browser extension store will open.

After installing DMV, the add-on's icon will appear on the browser panel. Click on it and immediately go to the site, where the entire list of Vkontakte audio recordings will be displayed.

A download icon will appear to the right of each track, clicking on which will allow you to save your favorite music.

In addition to your personal choice in audio recordings, the service also allows you to to download popular, recommended and previously listened-to tracks.

Browser download extensions

Convenient extensions for downloading music from the browser allow you to download tracks from Vkontakte. Typically, add-ons work on browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla and Yandex Browser. Below we will consider a list of the most popular extensions for saving tracks from VK.


Downloading through the DMV extension occurs only after the user's consent and after allowing the user to see the quality (bitrate) of the audio recording.

After installing DMV, you gain access to all the tracks that VK stores. You will be able to download music only from your playlist - recommendations, popular songs and previously listened-to songs will not download.

Before downloading, the user can see the quality of the audio recording, as well as the file size.

Note! DMV shows the approximate size of the audio track, so the final size upon download may vary slightly.

The user does not have to enter his personal data to use the plugin - just download the extension.

DMV has some downsides:

· File size is indicated with some small error;

· Sometimes there are conflicts with new browser updates;

· There are several advertising banners on the working page of the plug-in that can interfere with the page view.

In general, the extension is absolutely free, safe, and allows you to download music of any size without any limitation on the number of downloaded tracks. By the way, the plugin has a chat window where you can get acquainted and exchange your favorite tracks.

The plugin allows you to download music and videos from Vkontakte. Key benefits of the extension include:

· The ability to select the quality of the file;

· Saving in various formats;

· It works without registration;

· The plugin is free.

The extension has built-in additional functionality that allows you to download audio recordings in the background, update download links, create playlists and download them to your computer.

Note! can work on devices with the Android operating system - you need to download an installation file in the .apk format. merges perfectly into the site interface. To disable the extension, just right-click on its icon and select “Disable plugin”.


Downloading the Vksaver extension gives users unlimited access to downloading music tracks that have been uploaded by Vkontakte users for years.

After installing the plugin, you need to open the "Music" menu. An arrow will appear next to the "Play" icon, by clicking on which you can download the desired file.

Important! Vksaver allows you to download videos. To do this, you need to open the video you like and click on the "Download" button (next to "Subscribe".)

Vksaver has the following advantages:

· It is not a load on the system;

· It is available in Russian;

· It downloads audio and video files;

· It is compatible with all browsers;

· It is constantly being improved;

· It is not blocked by antiviruses;

· It has an intuitive interface.

Installation of the extension can be done in a few clicks and gives the user access to a quick download of content from VK.


Vkopt is not a simple plugin, but a multifunctional script designed to download music and videos, change the page design and change notification sounds. The capabilities of Vkopt do not end there, and the development team is constantly updating and improving the system.

The extension works successfully on smartphones and is even supported by Safari.


Spotifi (better known as Spotifi) is a streaming service that allows you to listen to VK music online for free. Spotifi hosts over 50 million tracks. The plugin allows you to listen to music, audiobooks and podcasts.

Note! Spotify broadcasts in the “OGG Vorbis” format, which provides high-quality sound while taking up less of your bandwidth.

Spotifi users can create their own playlists and share them with friends.

Most of the features are free, but you will need to purchase a premium account to download music. The subscription price is about $ 10 per month.

Spotify guarantees minimum traffic and battery consumption. Perhaps the only drawback of the plugin is its lack of support for the Russian language.


The Vkd browser extension allows you to quickly and download music tracks for free without losing out on quality. The plugin has a simple and intuitive interface without intrusive ads. The benefits of Vkd include:

· Availability - the plugin is entirely free of charge;

· It does not contain viruses and advertisements;

· Tracks are saved under their original name;

· Songs are downloaded without loss of sound quality;

· You can also save videos;

· The Russian language is supported.

The Vkd extension is another method of bypassing a paid subscription to Vkontakte music.

This plugin allows you to download music from Vkontakte quickly, safely and for free. The extension has these advantages:

· Tracks are saved with the original name;

· You can download both individual songs and entire albums;

· The plugin allows you to download music without restrictions or ads.

To download a track, just open the page with the desired song and click on the "Download" button that appears to the right of the "Play" button.

Using the plugin is very convenient - you just need to install it, open a list with your audio recordings, choose the best quality and download the track.

By the way, is used by more than 800 thousand music lovers.

How to download music without programs

To download your favorite music from VK, you do not need to install programs. Instead, you can use direct links, the browser cache, or a download script. Let's discuss each method in more detail.

Download by direct link

There are many sites on the Internet that allow you to download songs via a direct link. For this you need to:

· Go to the VK page with the audio recording and copy the link;

· Insert the link in the form on the website;

· Click the "Download" button.

In a couple of seconds after pressing the button, you will receive the downloaded song.

Audio files in the browser cache

There is another easy way to download any track from VK that you have previously played in your browser. For this you need to:

· Go to VK and find a song;

· Press F12;

· A toolbar will appear;

· Now, reload the page - press F5;

· Select the Networks tab, and click "Play";

· Sort the elements by type;

· Look for the value "audio";

· Click on the link in the left column;

· Choose "Open link";

· Click "Save As", select a folder and file name and download it.

The download speed of the file will be higher than in file hosting.

Scripts for downloading audio from VK

Download scripts allow you to quickly save music from VK. We offer a universal way to use scripts:

· Place the script link in the browser bookmarks bar;

· When you are on a page that has a song you like, click on the link;

· Download the track.

Some scripts can download not only music, but also videos.

How to download music from Vkontakte via your phone

An increasing number of people say that they have stopped listening to music on a computer and now only use their smartphone. This is understandable, because it is very convenient to have your favorite playlist at hand - you can listen to it on the way or while standing in line. There are several ways to download music from VK to your phone: we will consider each in more detail.

Music players for VK

Numerous players are able to play music from VK without restrictions and even without authorization. These utilities allow you to listen to music from VK as you wish, and even when there happens to be no Internet access.

Such applications usually have a simple design and a user-friendly interface. To listen to music, you need to choose the track you like and download it, after which you can listen to it as you wish.

Music for Vkontakte

Popular applications allow you to listen to your favorite tracks on the Vkontakte social network. Applications like Musique allow you to listen to music while bypassing any restrictions. They also allow you to search for your favorite tracks and to download them to your phone.

Vkmp App

Vkmp is an application that allows you to bypass restrictions while listening to audio tracks from VK. Vkmp has many advantages:

· It can play in the background;

· It downloads in mp3 format;

· It searches for tracks;

· It allows you to listen to the music of your friends and of communities;

· It works in offline mode;

· It includes support for headphones and headsets;

· It has a 5-band equalizer.

Vkmp can play music either cyclically and randomly, can change the order of play, show details of the group or artiste, and allow you to selectively cache songs and add them to the queue.


The VMP player can play any track from a personal playlist, as well as from the lists of audio recordings of your friends. The application works both online and offline - to listen to music without the Internet, you will need to download it to your phone.

VMP has a convenient search algorithm, and its advanced search allows you to search by title or artist.

Important! VMP also allows you to find tracks that you like by their lyrics.

The VMP player allows you to hide your music preferences from strangers and protects your personal information.

Music lovers will appreciate VMP's accessibility and advanced functionality – this is an app that is certainly worth using.

Stellio Player (paid)

The paid version of Stellio player positions itself as a leader among such players and guarantees the highest quality sound.

Stellio has a pleasant and convenient interface, a vast range of audio settings, and complete integration with Vkontakte music.

The player also has an audio engine with a 12 band equalizer and many sound effects.

Stellio allows you to cache your favorite music and listen to it even when there is no internet.

The player can search for songs via a text search. It also allows you to view lyrics, set covers, save tracks, stream music to profile status, and much more.

The paid Stellio player is available for download on Google Play, and costs about 149 rubles.

PC applications

You want to listen to your favorite tracks not only on the road, but also at home, and with a PC and speakers, listening becomes even more pleasant. There are several applications for downloading music from Vkontakte to a computer.


Vkmusic is a free track download app. Vkmusic has a considerable range of functions:

· It downloads music from playlists;

· It searches for videos and downloads them;

· It can find all the photos in VK albums in which you are tagged;

· It has considerable multitasking capability;

· It stores a history of search queries;

· It uses its own built-in player;

· It has a very intuitive interface.

In addition, Vkmusic allows you to download music even from pages hidden by privacy settings.

Vkmusic is free, and an open source download.


VkAudioSaver is a free application that allows you to download music to your PC from the pages of friends, from communities, and from users' personal walls.

In addition, VkAudioSaver can be used as an online player. It can manage your playlists and audio recordings, create new playlists, and provide you with more information about artistes that you like.

The application can download entire playlists in one click. To do this, you need to click on "Download All", and then simply sit back and enjoy the music on your speakers.

There are a huge number of free services, extensions and applications for downloading songs from VK on the market. The abundance of applications makes it difficult to find quality programs for downloading music from Vkontakte. In this article, we have listed the most useful and functional of these utilities, so that you can enjoy your favorite tracks on both your phone and on a PC.

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